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Like most readers, I have very definite ideas of how one should read. And while I understand the attraction of a quickie, that book gulped along with a sandwich at lunch or read while stirring dinner, I much prefer a civilized affair. A good book should be read in comfort, with a nice place to sit, a cup of tea at hand, and something soft to snuggle. And now I have the something soft to snuggle.

Textured Shawl

Pattern: Textured Shawl Recipe
Yarn: NaturallyCaron Country in Merlot
Needle: Size 10 clunky bamboos (never again)
Modifications: Added an extra round of stockinette and textured pattern

Textured Shawl

It’s a gorgeous pattern and knits up in almost no time. I used the last of the NaturallyCaron yarn that I had in merlot to make this. I loved the suri merino suggested, but I couldn’t see using something that delicate for a wrap that will be used daily and will no doubt end up swiped by cats. It is already loved and just waiting until the next time I can settle down with a good book and a cup of tea.

Textured Shawl


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