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Oh Rusted Root. You and I were not meant to be.

But first, let’s enjoy the fact that it’s done and I am a Ravelympics champion and made it across the finish line, albeit in my usual tortoise fashion. I can be properly smug now.


Now, about this pattern. I knew, starting off, that all the Zephyr Girls patterns are basically rectangle shapes with sleeves attached. Pretty rectangles, yes, but still not made for curvy girls. And I am your classic hourglass – big breasts and hips and much smaller waist. You can either make your size and look like you’re wearing a boob tube or go up a size and have a sweater that swims on you. I decided to risk it. It’s all about the details…they lure you in with the most beautiful finishing. In fact, let’s take a moment to admire how lovely it is before I continue.


See what I mean? Beautiful lace pattern that flows seamlessly into an unobtrusive ribbed bottom in a smaller size. Sleeves, puffed but fitted, made by increasing along the shoulder, decreasing in graduated steps to create a ‘sewn’ band, and then finished with more of the fine ribbing.

I love it. It does not love me. My mother’s reaction to seeing me in it was, and I quote, “Oh dear.” Indeed. Too pretty to frog, it’s going to a non-breasty friend who admired it. I still love this basic look of the sweater, I just need to find a way to make it work for me.


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My progress, let me show you it:


7 days left…there’s just a chance I might actually make it.

On Saturday, my mother and I headed to Uptown to check out a yarn store, The Shabby Sheep. It’s in a quaint old yellow house with an old-fashioned porch and the store is absolutely stuffed with gorgeous yarn. My mother, as always, veered off in the direction of novelty yarns while I checked out their sock yarns. And they had some beautiful sock yarns. I found myself unable to resist a skein of Colinette Jitterbug in a shade called Apricot Smoothie. I love that soft shade of orange, and it’s one of the few colors that makes my sallow skin glow. This is destined to be a scarf.


I also ended up with another sock yarn, Crystal Palace’s Panda Soy.


It’s a bamboo/soy mix, and the end result is silky smooth and almost boucle-looking. I couldn’t find the second skein anywhere on the shelf, and the really lovely woman checking me out stopped midway, dumped everything on the shelf into a box, and sorted until she found the second skein for me. This is the same woman who was setting up a new monitor for the store, helping customers locate a pattern, and chatting with me about Ravelry. This store is a keeper.

And I can finally stop teasing with glimpses of projects, because the secret project I alluded to in my last post has reached its new home. About a year ago, my friend Erin asked me if I would knit her a Clapotis in exchange for a custom piece. I’m a huge fan of Erin’s work, so I said yes. She settled on Malabrigo in a frost grey shade, and I got to work. Well, I got to work several months later, but that’s good for me. The pattern is boooooooring, and there were a few moments when I wondered if it would ever resemble anything other than a wooly rectangle. And then, one day, it did. And it’s gorgeous.


And I got to drop stitches…on purpose!


And now I’ve survived my first clap. [Insert knitting-related STD joke of choice]

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I don’t know if it’s my latent competitiveness, the excuse to work on knitting instead of the thousand and one other things I should be doing, or if I was just bewitched by the image of Bob in laurels, but I have begun yet another knitting project. In fact, I’ve entered the Ravelympics, perhaps the only sporting event I’ve ever participated in without coercion.

Ravelympics Day 5


I was planning to show photos of the finished beaded project I previewed in my last post. But someone who shall go unnamed (Mom!) still hasn’t finished hers. Add the bloody buttons, woman.

In place of that, have another sneak peek at yet another project that can’t be unveiled yet. This one is currently on its way to the land of witches.


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