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Oh Rusted Root. You and I were not meant to be.

But first, let’s enjoy the fact that it’s done and I am a Ravelympics champion and made it across the finish line, albeit in my usual tortoise fashion. I can be properly smug now.


Now, about this pattern. I knew, starting off, that all the Zephyr Girls patterns are basically rectangle shapes with sleeves attached. Pretty rectangles, yes, but still not made for curvy girls. And I am your classic hourglass – big breasts and hips and much smaller waist. You can either make your size and look like you’re wearing a boob tube or go up a size and have a sweater that swims on you. I decided to risk it. It’s all about the details…they lure you in with the most beautiful finishing. In fact, let’s take a moment to admire how lovely it is before I continue.


See what I mean? Beautiful lace pattern that flows seamlessly into an unobtrusive ribbed bottom in a smaller size. Sleeves, puffed but fitted, made by increasing along the shoulder, decreasing in graduated steps to create a ‘sewn’ band, and then finished with more of the fine ribbing.

I love it. It does not love me. My mother’s reaction to seeing me in it was, and I quote, “Oh dear.” Indeed. Too pretty to frog, it’s going to a non-breasty friend who admired it. I still love this basic look of the sweater, I just need to find a way to make it work for me.


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Sock Shock

I was looking forward to displaying my very first complete sock (the practice sock knit on waste yarn doesn’t count), but it appears I’m not the only one who got excited by the look of it.

This was my sock looked like when I went into the kitchen to make dinner:


And this is what it looked like when I came back out:


I love my kitten, just not tonight. One of my dpns is chewed to bits, the top is ruined, there are tiny holes near the heel where he obviously held the sock with his claws while pulling the yarn, and I had to throw away several yards of Shepherd Sock. I’ve thrown the whole mess in my craft drawers for right now.

And I’m not talking to the kitten either.

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WIP – Leaf

I got my Ravelry invite a few days ago and have gone over to the dark side. Fear me and my mad knitting skilz.

Well, at least it got me to pull two of my WIPs out and get started on them again. Ms. Marigold is going well, although I fear it’s going to be too small. Bit early to tell, but I may need to frog it. The Fitted Leaf Cardigan is almost done, although I fear it’s going to be too large. Not too late to tell, but too lazy to care. I think it’s my fault anyway, as I picked a cotton over angora and the cotton, no suprise, is stretchy. Next project though, I fully expect to be just right.


Still need to do all the finishing and add the icord and dangly leafy bits. I’m afraid I’ve lost interest again already; it’s just so much stockinette. Fortunately, I have a little helper.

Leaf Kitty

I’m trying to get out of the knitting rut by selecting a few more complicated patterns. And no more cotton…my poor hands are being cut by the fibers. I’ve been browsing for sock yarn (why does Posh Yarns always do their sales on a Sunday…they’re inevitably sold out before I get home) and have picked out Craftaholics Spring Grass Socks as my first pair to try. I’ve spent the past two nights attempting different toe techniques in bed (get your mind out of the gutter, Susan).

I’m probably the last knitter in the universe to make Clapotis, but I’m starting one for my friend Erin, who is exchanging one of her gorgeous paintings for a Parisian scarf of her very own.

So, watch this space. Non-cotton things to come.

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