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Off with her head!

In late November, I’m going to London to see a friend get married, followed by visits to other friends in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and then Salem and Boston. Naturally, I need some very warm things, and naturally, this thrilled my knitterly soul. I’ve been knitting frantically to try to finish a merino sweater in time, but I’ve also been working on a few other projects.

This scarf was born of early-morning anxiety and insomnia. Rather than reach for a book, as I usually do, I ended up rummaging through my yarn cupboards. I encountered what was left of Berroco’s Peruvia in the purple shade I used to make my Gretel beret. There wasn’t a lot left – less than a skein – but I wanted to do something with it. Something easy, and non-cabled…something that wouldn’t require a lot of thought. What I did was a modified version of the Gathered Scarf.

Pattern: Gathered Scarf, worked in Aran rather than fingering weight, and with 12 rows stockinette between gathers rather than 6

Yarn: Berroco Peruvia, Color 7140, less than a skein

Needles: Sizes 8 and 9

It’s rather shorter than I’d like, but it’s lovely and soft, and should keep my neck warm. I’m vaguely concerned about all the beheading that seemed to go on in London – keeping my neck covered seems a good idea. And my thrifty soul is pleased that I was able to use up this yarn, thereby making room for more in my cupboards.


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