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I feel for autumn the way the Romantic poets felt about spring. I wait for it each year, crave it, anticipate the crisp air and chill winds, the warm drinks and cozy clothing. I would write an ode to a roasted potato, a sonnet to hobgoblins, a haiku to a rakish beret…in short, could-I-would-I speed up autumn, it would be cold and damp and raining candycorn. It is, however, warm and oppressively sunny. So Wordsworth be damned, all I can do is knit fuzzy things and hope for fall.

And on that thread, I have my autumn scarf all ready. Back in grad school, when I first learned how to knit, I bought a hank of ribbon yarn. I didn’t understand yardage, and I didn’t understand texture…all I cared about was that the yarn was made of ribbon in glorious shades like Monet’s garden. It wasn’t until I saw the lovely Felinity‘s drop-scarf that I realized I could actually do something with this stuff other than occasionally pet it.

Pattern: Shamelessly Pilfered Felinitykat Scarf
Yarn: Colinette Giotto (1 hank)
Needle: Size 10/6.5

Ribbon Drop Scarf 2

Also doubles as an arty head-scarf, or would if I could get away with it at my stuffy office.

Ribbon Drop Scarf (detail)

Very fun and versatile scarf – knits up quickly. Pattern on Kat’s page. (Pocket Kitty not included)

Ribbon Drop Scarf (with added perks)


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