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Yet another FO from 2009. I was intrigued by Hannah Fettig’s Whisper Cardigan when I saw it last year in Interweave, but a few days later she released her Featherweight Cardigan and I was hooked. A summer cardigan…in lace…Malabrigo lace…. That’s all my happy buttons right there.

Pattern: Featherweight Cardigan
Yarn: Malabrigo Lace in Azul Profundo (a little more than 2 skeins)
Needle: Size 6

I hate to admit how long I’ve had this finished without photographing it. It just got shelved in the mad rush to make Christmas presents for everyone. But it’s a beautiful sweater, and definitely a pattern I want to make again (a non-sparkly everyday one, perhaps in a fingering weight).

The only modifications I made were knitting the sleeves flat, because I don’t have dpns in size 6, and adding the sequins to the border around the neck. That was actually a lot easier than I’d anticipated, because the Malabrigo is such a fine strand. I just sat in front of the TV with a needle and a bottle of sequins and threaded until I ran out. I didn’t do any particular spacing while knitting, just popped a sequin down the thread and knitted it out when I felt like it.

In retrospect, I wish I had made the cardigan just a little longer, especially considering I had the yardage in my stash, but it’s got a fun and flirty boxy 50s feel to it.


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