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Little Cloud

My resolution of finishing projects lasted about as long as most resolutions do. I’m only one button band away from finishing one sweater, and one sleeve from finishing another, but I felt the lure of madelinetosh yarn.

This color is magical. Not violet, not grey, not silver, but a beautifully lustrous combination of all three. It looks a bit like cloudy skies. One of these days I will stop petting it and actually knit with it.


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8 Things

I have one project blocking and another almost complete, so I should have some photos up here soon. In the meantime, to while away the time while we have yet another tornado warning, here’s a meme from Minder.

HCW Front Porch

8 things I am looking forward to…..

1. Tagging a desk in the East Stacks and getting some much overdue research done
2. Listening to the Proms online
3. My mother has promised to teach me how to make fried green tomatoes, Yankee-style
4. Finally, it’s almost time for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Mmm, Alan Rickman…
5. Seeing if I can grown little frankentrees from my apple seeds
6. The new Sarah Waters novel, The Little Stranger
7. Autumn — the changing colors, the sights, and crisp, cool autumn weather
8. Going away on holiday

8 things I did yesterday…….

1. Got laid off from my job
2. Had several cups of tea and stuck my tongue out at my old company, metaphorically (mostly)
3. Blocked a scarf. Spent half an hour picking cats and/or cat fur off blocking scarf
4. Read an article on the changing of children’s culture in the Victorian schoolroom.
5. Cast on for a new project
6. Got taken out for a lovely dinner with a lovely person
7. Talked with friends
8. Took a long bath and started rereading Emma

8 things I wish I could do…….

1. Teach the cats to make my early morning cup of tea and bring it to me in bed
2. Move somewhere more interesting
3. Knit in public without sticking my tongue out when I come to the tricky bits
4. Archery. I loved it as a child, and was quite good at it, but it appears to be frowned on to run around with bows and arrows as an adult.
5. Learn the art of shrugging things off
6. Run away and spend the summer near the ocean
7. Whistle
8. Gather all my friends together in one place for a truly spectacular party

8 shows I watch……

1. Like Minder, The Archers, which I don’t watch, but I do listen to the omnibus edition each weekend. I have been known to google Archer genealogy and back stories.
2. Doctor Who. Although, due to never being home when it’s on, I still haven’t seen the last season.
3. Gossip Girl. La la la, I can’t hear you, it’s fabulous!
4. Masterpiece Theatre. Have loved since I was a child. Am pleased they’re having an Agatha Christie season, although I do wish they’d just show all the Miss Marple’s they’ve never aired.
5. Pushing Daisies. I ❤ the cranky knitting detective.
6. How Clean is Your House. I love that show, and not just because it makes me feel better about the state of my closet.
7. Erm, that's about it, really.
8. Although I do frequently watch the cats. They're better than TV, especially since one of them still hasn't figured out that the coffee table is made of glass and glass is solid.

And here are the rules in case you need them!

1. Mention the name of the person who tagged you.
2. Do the lists of 8.
3. Tag 8 bloggers of your choice.
4. Let them know that they have been tagged!

I'd love to hear from anyone, so consider yourself tagged.

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Things in the mail!

I had a feeling that, on her visit to the states, Ysolda Teague would not make it to the south. Celebrities frequently don’t, or they say they’re going to show up and then cancel their appearance half an hour before starting time, promising to come back soon. But do they ever? No, they do not! Neko Case, I’m looking at you! Three years, THREE years, I’ve been waiting for you to come back and do that concert you bailed on. It’s a good thing I love you, because really!

Oh wait, this is a knitting blog. Right. What I was going to say was that I’m a huge Ysolda fan. I’m slowly working my way through most of her patterns, and am surprised each time at some new technique I learn that seems very simple and yet creates the most beautiful, finished look. I knew Ysolda probably wouldn’t be able to manage a visit to Texas with all the other places she was going, so I just made wistful noises at her web itinerary and consoled myself with knitting an Ishbel. But I did not count on Alexis, my indefatigable friend who has an uncanny habit of not only meeting celebrities, but ends up chatting with them, walking them to the subway station, and/or fondling their arms while posing for photos. Alexis not only showed up to meet Ysolda at a Boston yarn store, but also picked up a copy of her book for me.

Whimsical Little Knits

Did I mention it was signed?

Whimsical Little Knits

She’s lovely, that Alexis, and it almost makes up for not getting to see one of my favorite designers in person. Now if Neko Case would just like to come back to town…

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Rosy Ishbel

For the past few weeks, I have been thinking about, reading about, wandering through, and dreaming about gardens. It started innocently enough…I stumbled onto a tiny garden nestled between a theatre and a community center, and wandered around, touching trailing vines and standing dazzled in front of a wall of climbing bell flowers. And the obsession began. In my mind, I’ve been wandering through fields of bluebells, planting vegetable gardens, laughing over Mrs. M and the residents of Allways, exploring again the magic of The Secret Garden, and discovering the mysteries of The Forgotten Garden. The madness was bound to go to my head, and inevitably, my needles. The result was a beautiful rosy shawl, in the softest and most petal-smooth blend of linen and mohair.

Pattern: Ishbel, by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: 1.5 skeins Louet KidLin Lace in Rose Bloom
Needles: Size 6

Photo 163


Photo 157

Photo 125


Photo 156

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My ugly little baby

Over the weekend, I turned this…

First handspun wool - spinning wheel

into this…

Homespun square

I’ve never felt the impulse to keep, let alone display, a swatch before. But I’m very proud of my ugly little swatch and love it with a love that is tender and true. Unlike the swatch, which is rough, uneven, and a bit of a bastard to knit, honestly.

And for those of you who don’t have a drop spindle, did you know you can use an apple or a small potato? No, really!

Apple Whorl

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I feel for autumn the way the Romantic poets felt about spring. I wait for it each year, crave it, anticipate the crisp air and chill winds, the warm drinks and cozy clothing. I would write an ode to a roasted potato, a sonnet to hobgoblins, a haiku to a rakish beret…in short, could-I-would-I speed up autumn, it would be cold and damp and raining candycorn. It is, however, warm and oppressively sunny. So Wordsworth be damned, all I can do is knit fuzzy things and hope for fall.

And on that thread, I have my autumn scarf all ready. Back in grad school, when I first learned how to knit, I bought a hank of ribbon yarn. I didn’t understand yardage, and I didn’t understand texture…all I cared about was that the yarn was made of ribbon in glorious shades like Monet’s garden. It wasn’t until I saw the lovely Felinity‘s drop-scarf that I realized I could actually do something with this stuff other than occasionally pet it.

Pattern: Shamelessly Pilfered Felinitykat Scarf
Yarn: Colinette Giotto (1 hank)
Needle: Size 10/6.5

Ribbon Drop Scarf 2

Also doubles as an arty head-scarf, or would if I could get away with it at my stuffy office.

Ribbon Drop Scarf (detail)

Very fun and versatile scarf – knits up quickly. Pattern on Kat’s page. (Pocket Kitty not included)

Ribbon Drop Scarf (with added perks)

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I’ve been doing more thinking about knitting lately than actually working on projects. The baby boom among my friends seems to have slowed down, and with it the need for tiny shoes and sweaters, and I’m trying to organize which projects I most want to do. Ravelry can be a bit like window-shopping in a giant knitting superstore; it’s a great way to spot something that would look good on you, but it’s also far too easy to reach for your wallet and splurge. That way madness lies, not to mention the growing pile of UFOs. So, for the time being, I’m trying to finish all my works in progress before being seduced by others. Trying, anyway.

It helped that I had a lazy Sunday afternoon, with no rushing around and no bloody spreadsheets for work. I revelled in a Jane Austen video orgy, starting with Emma Thompson’s perfect version of Sense and Sensibility (looking up periodically to admire Alan Rickman in breeches), on to Gwyneth Paltrow’s pretty and pouty version of Emma (looking up periodically to admire Jeremy Northam in breeches), and finally finishing with the insubstantial but beautifully filmed version of Pride and Prejudice that came out a few years ago. While relaxing with Jane and numerous cups of tea, I managed to finish off two projects hibernating in my craft cupboard.

iPod Cosy

iPod Cosy, worked in KPPPM. No pattern, just basic stockinette with a ribbed top.

iPod Cosy

The colorway looks so different from the photo online that I can’t help but think I was sent the wrong color. But I liked the mix of aqua and blues and browns so much that I decided to keep it. Looks lovely with my new handbag, too.

Swiss Miss Socks

I also finally finished my Swiss Miss socks, using the self-striping yarn I snapped up in the after-Christmas sales last year, Yawoll by Lang Yarns.

Jasper loves Swiss Miss

These socks are loved by furry ones and humans alike. My mother saw me working on these and fell in love with them, so they’re headed for her tiny feet.

And these are what I’ll be working on in the next few weeks.

Lush & Lacy (In progress)

Lush & Lacy, worked in Nashua’s Julia (in dusk). All the pieces are done, and if I do say so myself, it’s lovely. Now I just have to force myself to pick up stitches to make the ribbed neckline. I wonder how many projects remain incomplete because of the need to pick up stitches?

Lush & Lacy (Set-in pockets)

And dig that groovy set-in pocket!

Mystery TV Knitting

And finally, my own version of the 1930s sweater, in a different weight, a different fiber, and, erm, without really using the pattern. As I said, my own version. Knit while rereading I Capture the Castle.

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