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Pervy Knitting

For the second time in three days, I’ve slept through an earthquake. Having lived in Texas for awhile now, I’m quite used to flash floods and freak snowstorms, and have mastered the art of reading in the bathtub during the inevitable tornadoes. But earthquakes are just weird, especially considering that today is a beautiful, sunny, glorious autumn day. I’ve thrown open all my windows and, like my cats, am basking in the sunshine. Unlike the cats (useless buggers), I have projects to show you.

The first was knit for the hen party (bachelorette party) for a friend.

This provoked shrieks of mirth among the Americans who saw it, especially the muppety-pink testicles. However, the British friend it was made for seemed to be more amused that it was circumcised. Perhaps we’re not so much divided by a common language as…erm, never mind. (Note to Susan: I dare even you to beat muppety-pink testicles in the google search department)

Aside from rude knitting, I’ve finished two other projects. My Brompton sweater is (FINALLY!) done. And so, rather surprisingly, is my Lush & Lacy sweater. I finished it ages ago, and it was a fast and easy knit, but stalled at the idea of picking up neck and buttonhole stitches. I took it out the other night, just to see what it was like, and ended up sitting on the floor far into the early morning, knitting and sewing it together until it was done. Photos later – both need blocking.

And, because I appear to be suffering from chronic startitis, I began another project. The world’s skinniest fish are born…


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