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Silver Pinnet

The dictionary tells me that ‘pinnet’ is a pinnacle, and so this is. I am not a summer person, and my thoughts have already begun to turn towards fall, with its cooler weather, falling leaves, and rainy days. I started thinking about a fall cardigan, something simple I could slip on at the library, going to the movies, or just going out for a walk in the cooler weather.

Pattern: Pinnet Cardigan
Yarn: NaturallyCaron’s Spa
Needles: Size 2 and Size 4

Usual apologies about terrible photos…it’s a bit of a balancing act, holding my Macbook in one hand and trying to fit all of me in the frame.

I love the combination of delicate leaf motif mixed with eyelet ribs, and the way the pattern creates a kind of lace, even while worked in a sturdy yarn.

I made a few modifications. The pattern is meant to be worked in a really lovely, airy hemp, which would create a light and loose fabric. But I’m supposed to be using-up the yarn I have, so I went with a rather cheap acrylic. It’s neither light nor loose, and created a bit of a jacket-shape. Surprisingly, it was quite easy to work with, and the bamboo gives the garment a really lovely, silvery sheen. I added an inch to the length of the cardigan since I worked it in a synthetic yarn, knowing I would not be able to block it longer. I also worked the sleeves flat, because I didn’t have dpns in the right size. I did a plain garter stitch cuff on the sleeves because I thought it looked nice mirroring the garter edging of the neck and hem.


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