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My knitting mojo, which had inevitably slackened off as it reached 100 degrees, is back with a vengeance. This has quite a lot to do with two really lovely friends whose gifts brightened my mailbox this week.

The first was from my friend Kat, who sent me the unbelievably beautiful Victorian Lace Today, Jane Sowerby’s collection of Victorian shawls and scarfs taken or adapted from Victorian knitting manuals and magazines. They are simply breathtaking, and there are so many patterns I want to make that I may actually have to flip a coin to decide which to start first.

And the second happy surprise in the mail was the packet of stitch markers that Darlene sent me. Not only did she send them, she made them, too. While I’ve looked at stitch markers on Etsy and in various knitting stores, I’ve never bought any of them, making do with the cheap plastic ones I can get at the local craft store. But these are the prettiest markers I’ve ever seen, delicate and lovely, but strong enough to hold up to my knitting abuse. I may have already put them to use. Ahem.

Kat and Darlene, thank you so much for your beautiful gifts. They really brightened my week as well as my knitting!


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