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Conspicuous consumption

I should not be allowed anywhere near the Uptown shopping area, because I get there and all my good intentions go poof!

Poof Proof #1: Yummy, scrunchy Malabrigo lace in a beautiful sapphire blue.

Yummy scrunchy malabrigo

Poof Proof #2: Japanese piggy project bag

Piggy bag

Poof Proof #3: New buttons for an autumn sweater

Orange Buttons

These are strangely alluring, with an odd, citrusy alien glow

Glowing alien buttons

Should you think this post is just for showing off my new toys, you’re only half right. Because my knitting mojo is back, and I’ve started two really beautiful new projects.

Stockinette in the sun

Leafy green


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Things in the mail!

I had a feeling that, on her visit to the states, Ysolda Teague would not make it to the south. Celebrities frequently don’t, or they say they’re going to show up and then cancel their appearance half an hour before starting time, promising to come back soon. But do they ever? No, they do not! Neko Case, I’m looking at you! Three years, THREE years, I’ve been waiting for you to come back and do that concert you bailed on. It’s a good thing I love you, because really!

Oh wait, this is a knitting blog. Right. What I was going to say was that I’m a huge Ysolda fan. I’m slowly working my way through most of her patterns, and am surprised each time at some new technique I learn that seems very simple and yet creates the most beautiful, finished look. I knew Ysolda probably wouldn’t be able to manage a visit to Texas with all the other places she was going, so I just made wistful noises at her web itinerary and consoled myself with knitting an Ishbel. But I did not count on Alexis, my indefatigable friend who has an uncanny habit of not only meeting celebrities, but ends up chatting with them, walking them to the subway station, and/or fondling their arms while posing for photos. Alexis not only showed up to meet Ysolda at a Boston yarn store, but also picked up a copy of her book for me.

Whimsical Little Knits

Did I mention it was signed?

Whimsical Little Knits

She’s lovely, that Alexis, and it almost makes up for not getting to see one of my favorite designers in person. Now if Neko Case would just like to come back to town…

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Rosy Ishbel

For the past few weeks, I have been thinking about, reading about, wandering through, and dreaming about gardens. It started innocently enough…I stumbled onto a tiny garden nestled between a theatre and a community center, and wandered around, touching trailing vines and standing dazzled in front of a wall of climbing bell flowers. And the obsession began. In my mind, I’ve been wandering through fields of bluebells, planting vegetable gardens, laughing over Mrs. M and the residents of Allways, exploring again the magic of The Secret Garden, and discovering the mysteries of The Forgotten Garden. The madness was bound to go to my head, and inevitably, my needles. The result was a beautiful rosy shawl, in the softest and most petal-smooth blend of linen and mohair.

Pattern: Ishbel, by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: 1.5 skeins Louet KidLin Lace in Rose Bloom
Needles: Size 6

Photo 163


Photo 157

Photo 125


Photo 156

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