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Like most readers, I have very definite ideas of how one should read. And while I understand the attraction of a quickie, that book gulped along with a sandwich at lunch or read while stirring dinner, I much prefer a civilized affair. A good book should be read in comfort, with a nice place to sit, a cup of tea at hand, and something soft to snuggle. And now I have the something soft to snuggle.

Textured Shawl

Pattern: Textured Shawl Recipe
Yarn: NaturallyCaron Country in Merlot
Needle: Size 10 clunky bamboos (never again)
Modifications: Added an extra round of stockinette and textured pattern

Textured Shawl

It’s a gorgeous pattern and knits up in almost no time. I used the last of the NaturallyCaron yarn that I had in merlot to make this. I loved the suri merino suggested, but I couldn’t see using something that delicate for a wrap that will be used daily and will no doubt end up swiped by cats. It is already loved and just waiting until the next time I can settle down with a good book and a cup of tea.

Textured Shawl


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Why so glum, little tomato?

I’ve been informed that I need to update this site more often. Okay, then.

Work Photo

I have to go through what’s behind me before I can…

desk knitting

…play with what’s in front of me.

I live for coffee (knitting) breaks.

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I have a bad habit of finishing small projects and forgetting to photograph them. Case in point: I looked down at my feet today and realized I was wearing socks I’d finished knitting back in January.


Pattern: TTL Mystery Sock
Yarn: O-Wool Classic 2-Ply
Needles: Size 2

I call these my Mac & Cheese socks, because they are that particularly unnatural yellowy-orange color of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. I don’t often wear socks with ballet flats, but I make an exception for these. The eyelets look really lovely traveling up…


…it’s just a shame the shoes hide the best feature – the eye of partridge heel.


The O-Wool was nice to work with and the socks are holding up nicely. But I admit, there are a few oddities. The 2-ply feels much thicker than ordinary fingering weight, almost sport weight, really. And the socks seem to have less “memory” than most wools I’ve used.

There are new projects coming, too! Perhaps this time I’ll remember to photograph them when I actually finish them.

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