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Last year, my friend Stephanie introduced me a concept called “Read What You Have.” It sounds quite basic – you only read the books you’ve already bought but never got around to reading. I don’t think I have the willpower to commit to a year of not buying books, but I’ve decided to apply the concept to other areas of my life, including knitting. As such, I’m making 2009 the year I Knit What I Damn Well Have.

And holy toast, do I have a lot of yarn. I realize my stash is miniscule compared to quite a lot of people, but it’s still so substantial that, should rationing ever occur, I could start my own woolly black market. But it’s not just yarn that I won’t be buying this year. I’m also abstaining from buying any more patterns, books, needles (goodbye, Addi turbos) or knitting magazines. In case anyone thinks this is a hardship, I should point out that, in addition to the many books, magazines, and internet patterns I already own, Ravelry has opened up a whole new world of free patterns. I don’t see this project as being about denial, but more an opportunity to rediscover designers, techniques, and textures from what I already have.


See, the Knitting Gods are smiling down on my first project.


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Vintage baby knits

My mother recently unearthed a small box of handmade baby items and gave them to me to play with. There are knitted sweaters and caps, baby booties, and beautiful little homemade gowns of lawn and lace, with pintucks and embroidery. In this day of cotton onesies and disposable clothing, these delicate pieces of clothing seem simultaneously impractical and quite sturdy. They were made in 1945, but they’re in incredible condition, even after being worn by my mom and aunt.





The details are incredible…


But the best bit was discovering that my grandmother had left behind the pattern as well. Now I just have to figure out her mad knitting hieroglyphics on the back. Sadly, she did not pass down her mathematical brilliance.


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