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Oh yeah…

I’ve finished quite a few knitting projects that, for various reasons, I haven’t managed to photograph yet. I should do that. But, since I’m actually wearing these today, we’ll start with some socks I finished last month.

Damn Ugly Socks

Pattern: Basic toe-up stockinette with solid toe and heels
Yarn: Zitron Lifestyle (2 skeins) and leftover Regia
Needles: Size 2

I almost always have some knitting with me, and I always have something with me at work. I rarely make it out of the office for an actual lunch these days, but I do try to take a break from the computer at lunchtime. My coworkers are used to seeing me whip out various bits of woolly things and generally take no notice, but one stopped me one day while I was working on these to say, “Damn, those are some ugly socks!”

The utter repulsion in her voice made me laugh, but she had a point. These really are some Damn.Ugly.Socks. I had fallen in love with the yarn while yarn shopping in Austin and snapped up the two remaining balls. It looked so pretty – chocolates and aquas and pale pinks, with little flecked bits to make a fair isle look. See…pretty.


Sadly…not so pretty.

Damn Ugly Socks 2

To add insult to injury, they’re also slightly baggy. But they are very warm and kept my feet toasty in Salem, even tromping around in the snow. And, rather oddly, the wool has a lingering smell of freesia, even after several washes. Someone else likes the smell, too.

nom nom nom


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