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Off with her head!

In late November, I’m going to London to see a friend get married, followed by visits to other friends in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and then Salem and Boston. Naturally, I need some very warm things, and naturally, this thrilled my knitterly soul. I’ve been knitting frantically to try to finish a merino sweater in time, but I’ve also been working on a few other projects.

This scarf was born of early-morning anxiety and insomnia. Rather than reach for a book, as I usually do, I ended up rummaging through my yarn cupboards. I encountered what was left of Berroco’s Peruvia in the purple shade I used to make my Gretel beret. There wasn’t a lot left – less than a skein – but I wanted to do something with it. Something easy, and non-cabled…something that wouldn’t require a lot of thought. What I did was a modified version of the Gathered Scarf.

Pattern: Gathered Scarf, worked in Aran rather than fingering weight, and with 12 rows stockinette between gathers rather than 6

Yarn: Berroco Peruvia, Color 7140, less than a skein

Needles: Sizes 8 and 9

It’s rather shorter than I’d like, but it’s lovely and soft, and should keep my neck warm. I’m vaguely concerned about all the beheading that seemed to go on in London – keeping my neck covered seems a good idea. And my thrifty soul is pleased that I was able to use up this yarn, thereby making room for more in my cupboards.


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Apologies for the washed out photos, but I’ve been doing most of my knitting late at night. Well, knitting and spreadsheets. But they sync well, because both eventually add up to the result I want.

Lo, a sleeve appeareth!

See that smile? It’s relief…this one fits, and while it will be shorter than intended, it looks like I’m going to have enough yarn.

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