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Anatomy of a Fad

One of my favorite things about Ravelry is watching which patterns become popular at a given time. Remember the week after the last Knitty came out and everywhere you looked was the Lace Ribbon Scarf? Or yarn to make the Lace Ribbon Scarf. One person queues it, and suddenly it’s everywhere. Case in point, the new February Lady Sweater…

We’re sheep who knit wool. A mad and lovely kind of symmetry.


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Bronte Socks

I freely admit to being an enormous book nerd. An unrepentant, reading under the covers, glasses since 4th grade, English major, prefer spending the evening at home with a good book kind of nerd. Perhaps the only thing more alluring than a good book is a good knit named after a good book.

Which brings to me Catherine, a pattern from Ravelry knitter Haunted Yarns. And, looking at the names of her other patterns, I have a sneaking suspicion she’s a fellow book lover. In addition to Hareton (Catherine is a modified, female-sized version), she also has patterns named Rosamund and Bertie. Not just a book lover, but one with excellent taste.

And lovely patterns. Catherine was really well written, and the varying diamond pattern was easily memorized.

Catherine Socks - Obligatory Wall Shot

Knit with Schachenmayr nomotta Regia 4-f├Ądig, in a pale violet. I was aiming for something heathery, evoking the good old days of family violence and grave violation of Wuthering Heights. And these socks are definitely more suited to wandering the moors than a summer in Texas. Ye gods, they’re warm. And they knit up into a very thick, very dense pattern.

Catherine Socks

The heel flap has an interesting construction. Should hold up nicely to boots, too. Assuming it’s ever cool enough to wear boots again.

Catherine Socks - Close-up

And I can add grafting to my list of advanced toe techniques! I used the excellent tutorial on Silver Sock’s website, and it created a gorgeous, seamless toe.

Catherine Socks - Grafted Toe

Worn for 5 minutes and they’re already covered in cat fur…now that is pain, Heathcliff!

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