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My poor bank balance

Okay, I might have gone just a bit nuts in the yarn sales yesterday. About a week ago, I received notice that both yarn stores in my area were having early morning, end-of-year sales. And I do mean early morning. I have been mocked for this already, but I spent several days organizing what I wanted into a spreadsheet so I could storm the store and get exactly what I wanted. Shame all that work went to waste…

I woke up at 4am, thinking the cats at least would be pleased by an early breakfast. I got a few “bitch, are you for real?” looks from them before they cuddled back up on my warm bed and went back to sleep. And I drove to pick my mother up and drive to Plano to be there when they opened at 5.

…and, despite my mother’s handicapped parking pass, we had to park in another shopping center. There had to be at least 100 people in the parking lot just when we got there. They stamped our hands when we came in, and I had to refrain from warning my mother about accepting little white pills from strangers (she wouldn’t get it), and gave us white trash bags to haul our loot around. And after that, all was madness. It took me half an hour to get from the door to the Rowan wall. The Noro wall was blocked by rabid fans, and I never could get over there for Silk Garden. Someone (accidentally) threw a ball of yarn at my head when they were trying to get it to someone else. It was absolute chaos in there, and it was freaking fabulous. Hundreds of knitters, from teenagers to old women, all talking yarn and trying to find a spare inch to let someone get past, and making jokes about the lines to check out. The woman behind me had left at 2am and driven two hours from Oklahoma with her daughter. The woman ahead of me had two trashbags full of yarn. And the women who work there are amazing…funny and helpful and kept the lines going.

I joined my mother in the car, we showed each other what we had bought (cue excited squeeing), and we set off for yarn store number 2. Which was rather disappointing. There was just a tiny handful of people in the store, they were sold out of the Twinkle chunky I was looking for, and it just lacked the mad excitement of the first store. And I was really shocked to find out that the owner had never heard of Ravelry. I gave her the website, and when we got back outside, my mother said, “Even I know about Ravelry. They’re never going to last.” She has an annoying habit of being right, my mom.

In the madness of the sales, I ended up with a lot of sock yarn, which was not on my spreadsheet, and didn’t get one yarn I really wanted (totally gone by the time I got to that side of the store). However, I should have enough yarn to keep me occupied for a very long time. If not forever.


It’s looking a bit dark in the photo. The color is Dusk, and it’s a really lovely sort of midnight violet.


I had a couple of skeins of this already, but miraculously, they had more in the same dyelot, so I got a couple extra. This one will probably end up as Ms. Marigold.


It’s a gorgeous cherry red, and I got the last of it in that color. Mwaaaaa, take that Noro wall-blockers.


This was my indulgence yarn. I’ve been lusting after this stuff since I first saw it, and yesterday, I got a full bag of it. (But half-price!) I want to marry this yarn and have little ocean-colored cashmerino silk babies with it.


I got knocked, accidentally, into the baby yarn section, and came out with this. For the unfortunately-named Boobholder.


Peruvian wool in the most beautiful purple with peacock strands.


I’m a sucker for soft and sparkly. I was thinking this would look lovely over a dress in a sort of Jane Austen spencer.


Bad Kate Sock Yarn #1. I’ve been wanting to try the Regia yarns for awhile. They were completely out of the heathered and designs by the time I got there, but I couldn’t resist the soft blue. Destined to be Embossed Leaves.


Bad Kate Sock Yarn #2. I fell in love with the JoJoLand sock yarns a few months ago, and then found out they’re made here in Dallas. Have to support local artists you know.


Bad Kate Sock Yarn #3. Erm, more supporting of the local artists.


Bad Kate Sock yarn #4. I don’t care, because I have wanted to try this Swiss sock yarn for ages, and I’ve never seen it at any of the yarn stores around here. Self-striping! No work involved…you knit, it stipes!


I mean, look at the colors in this thing! Self-striping! Stripes by itself. Dude!

I also got a few more pairs of dpns, although the women in line with me were adamant that I need to learn magic loop. Apparently, it’s magical.

And this post would not be complete without mentioning the absolutely stunning sock yarn my fabulous friend Alexis sent me for Christmas. Her whole package was full of lovely things (including photos of the hawt faun from Narnia. Yum), but sock yarn and chocolate mint cookies from Trader Joe’s! I should mention that we don’t have Trader Joe’s here, and when she told me about these cookies, I thought they were just a glorified version of a Girl Scout’s Thin Mint. Oh my gosh. No. They’re incredible…particularly when dipped in coffee.


And since this blog is supposed to be about knitting, and not my insane devotion to sales and chocolate, a preview of what I’m working on right now. I made a bunch of stuff for Christmas gifts, including mini-mittens and mini-sweaters for gifts for friends, but I never got around to photos.



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