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Baby Hoodie

A bit late, but the baby sweater with the impossible yoke is finished, blocked, and gift-wrapped.

I love making baby things. It never fails to amaze me how small they are. I also get far too much amusement out of draping them over my cats and seeing what they look like in baby clothes.
Despite the problems with the pattern (grrr), I really like the way it turned out. It’s ostensibly such a simple design, but the details on the yoke and on the top of the hood are lovely. I can see one or two small mistakes, but as always, I’m pretending I made the mistakes deliberately to keep me humble. Yes.
Yoke detail:

This is my third time to use Debbie Bliss’ baby cashmerino for a project, and as always, I end up wanting to make something for myself out of it. I compromised and bought the grown-up version of it, and have started to make a 1930s beret (because it’s not insanely hot in Texas or anything). The yarn, being watched over by my wise owl lamp.


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fun with gun

The baby sweater with the impossible yoke is not only not impossible, it is finally done. I wove the last strands in this evening, and it is blocking on my coffee table right now, watched over by a very suspicious cat.

Photos soon, but in the meantime, I finally got around to making a memory board for my desk area. I went about this in the usual fashion…tape, iTunes, and a whole lotta staple gun.

It was only after the thing was done that I realized I had added yet more cream to an already cream-colored room. Here’s what it looked like before I added photos and knit swatches and inappropriate cartoons.

I seem to be on a chocolate/aqua kick lately. Fortunately, it goes well in this room.

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Going Backwards

I am working on what should be the easiest baby sweater ever. It’s stockinette, with just one buttonhole, and is done on circulars…simple, right?

Well, it would be if the pattern was correct. I had just finished yoking it for the third time when I saw the same mistakes I had made the first two times. I admit I make mistakes, even beginner’s mistakes, but not three times! So I unraveled the whole thing, muttered curses at the knitting gods, and actually read the pattern rather than just blindly following it.

Two pattern mistakes: (1) The instructions for the front left side have the binding off on the wrong side of the sweater, and (2) On row 19 of the hood, the decreases are off, making the design go off-kilter.

I’ve adjusted the pattern, reknit, and reyoked it. Proof that even the simplest patterns can be difficult if the instructions are wrong (and you’re stupid enough to keep trying to reknit it while watching Colin Firth at the same time).

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I’ve been talked into making my first entry by Marcia of Knit City, and in true teacher fashion, she’s informed me that she will be marking this later.

I’ve liked making things since I first discovered that tissues make great skirts for dolls. The box of tissues was removed, but the desire to make things remained. I’m not actually sure I’m any good at this, but I enjoy it, and it gives me an excuse to play with different textures and colors.

I mostly knit, or sketch (badly), but this blog is likely to have all sorts of crafty junk. I’m currently making a scratching toy for my cats, since they seem to think that’s what my carpet is for. I can’t find one in the stores that doesn’t look like it was put together by a five year old (and it’s an excuse to listen to Queen and get staple-happy!)

Anyway, welcome! Photos later.

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